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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Solomon Surges in Campaign Fundraising

Norman Solomon’s campaign in California’s new North Coast Congressional district (CA-02) announced today he has raised more than $500,000 in his bid for the seat. More than $200,000 of this total was raised within the first quarter of 2012 alone, in a demonstration of Norman Solomon’s surging strength and support in his campaign for Congress.

As all federal candidates prepare to file first quarter 2012 campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission by April 15, Solomon’s campaign is peaking at exactly the right time to communicate his winning message, with vote-by-mail ballots starting to be issued in four weeks and the remaining voters going to the polls in eight weeks.

Solomon’s fundraising prowess is also demonstrated in how he has raised more than a half million dollars for his campaign. Norman Solomon has refused to take even a penny of corporate political action committee (PAC) money or contributions from lobbyists, unlike some of his opponents.

What’s more, Solomon’s position as the foremost grassroots leader in the race is underscored by his fundraising numbers. In addition to more than 1,000 volunteers in Solomon’s campaign for Congress, the average cash contribution to his campaign is less than $100 -- a sharp distinction from the much higher averages of other well-funded candidates in the race. Donations to Solomon’s campaign have come from more than 5,000 individual contributors. In contrast, Jared Huffman was publicly soliciting for only his 2,000th contributor in an email at the end of last month’s fundraising period.

“I said this would be a people-driven, grassroots campaign when I announced my candidacy for Congress,” declared Solomon. “That remains the case in how we have done everything in the course of this campaign, including how we have now topped more than a half million dollars in fundraising.”

“I am humbled, and I deeply appreciate everyone who has been so generous in their support of our campaign,” Solomon said.

Solomon’s upward-trending fundraising shows no sign of slowing as the campaign adds to its momentum heading into the final two months before the June 5 primary election.
“Unlike some of his opponents who seek to buy this seat in Congress using large chunks of other people’s money, Norman Solomon knows the only way to be a truly independent Member of Congress is to be principled and independent in how you get to Congress,” said Dan Mullen, Solomon’s campaign manager. “In this race, Norman Solomon clearly has the broadest base of support in terms of both contributors and volunteers. Solomon’s momentum puts him in a great position for voters to affirm his independent, principled approach to represent them and their best interests in Congress.”