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Monday, June 18, 2012

Solomon Closes Gap With Roberts By Nearly 60%, With More Than 17,000 Ballots Remaining To Be Counted

June 18, 2012
For Immediate Release 

Democrat Norman Solomon has reduced the raw vote count separating him and Republican Dan Roberts by nearly 60 percent in the two weeks since the June 5 primary election in California's 2nd Congressional District.

At the midpoint of the 28 days allowed by California law for the six county elections officials in the 2nd Congressional District to complete and report their elections results to California's Secretary of State, Solomon has narrowed the raw vote count from 1,397 as of the last report issued on election night down to 596 as of the most-recent update issued Friday evening.  And there remain more than 17,000 ballots to be counted throughout the district.

"I have consistently maintained -- since election night -- that I am confident once all of the votes cast in this race are actually counted that Norman Solomon will have earned a top-two finish and advance to the general election," declared Tom Higgins, Solomon's political consultant.  "This point is being borne out as the outstanding votes are continually being counted and included in the total vote tally for the district," continued Higgins.

Solomon has winnowed the election night 1 percent difference between himself and Roberts down to 0.39 percent.  The contest remains one designated by California’s Secretary of State Debra Bowen as a "close contest" due to the still and increasingly unresolved question as to who the top two finishers will be once all the votes cast in the race are counted (

Three counties -- Del Norte, Mendocino, and Trinity -- have completed counting all of their ballots and issued their final reports.

Sonoma County has the bulk of the remaining votes -- absentees and provisional -- to be included in the contest with an estimated 8,700 of those within the 2nd Congressional District; Sonoma County is not providing any interim updates and is expected to issue its final report at the end of this week or within the first half of next week.

Humboldt County has approximately 6,500 absentee and provisional ballots remaining to be included in its final count which is expected to be issued this week.

Marin County has issued two updates to date and has approximately 2,000 provisional ballots remaining to be included in its final report which is also expected to be issued sometime this week.

"Dan Roberts cannot look to gain any further vote margin out of his best-performing counties since Del Norte and Trinity counties have already issued their final numbers," said Higgins.  "I am further buoyed Norman Solomon will advance to the general election given the overwhelming majority of the outstanding votes are in Solomon's better-performing counties of Sonoma and Marin.  And late-return absentee and provisional ballots historically perform more like votes cast at the polls on election day which further benefits Solomon.  That remains how and why I believe Norman Solomon will overtake Dan Roberts to secure the second-place finish he has earned once all the votes are counted in this race," concluded Higgins.

All 58 county elections officials have until Tuesday, July 3 to certify their elections results to California's Secretary of State as provided for in California's Elections Code.